Project | Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Role | Interaction Design

Year | 2015


The Ann Arbor Farmers Market is a place full of fresh produce, flowers, pies, and other delicious seasonal goods. For this project I was challenged with the task of enhancing the experience through technology at an unfamiliar environment, a farmers market. 

Total # of Interviews: 18



After weeks of research, my colleagues and I have collected enough information to confidently conclude that many people enjoy going to the farmers market, simply because of the atmosphere. Along with the fresh tasty produce, customers enjoy the communal aspect that the farmers market offers. It's the difference of chatting with the local vendors and farmers and creating relations, in comparison to a standard grocery store. 

Through our findings, we found that the pros outweighed the cons by a mile. Therefore, we decided to focus on what made people come back to the farmers market and what made the experience so unique compared to other shopping experiences. 

Goal Design for ubiquitous technology that beneficially contributes to the social atmosphere at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market. Furthermore, enhancing overall communal relations for both consumer-to-consumer and farmer-to-consumer relations.




An interactive map of Michigan that shows all the vendors' farms of the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. Through this platform, one would be able to explore where the food is actually being grown from and more information on the vendors produce, seasonal items, and other information. 

What this solution solves is the lack of information one receives when buying the goods. It serves as a digital channel that breaks a mental barrier between the vendor and farmer and allows consumers to really engage and have a sense of understanding of their produce. Furthermore, it creates a cohesive atmosphere leading to an enhanced communal channel between the unique customer-to-farmer/customer-to-customer relationship that the farmers market experience offers. 


Explore Your Farms

The home interface is setup to intuitively search and explore farms affiliated with the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. You can either explore the map by zooming in and out with the touch of your fingers or there is a search bar on the right hand side that allows one to type in a Farm if they know the name already. 


Get Informed

Any farm may be clicked, resulting in a display of information based on the specific farm you have chosen. Details such as types of produce, location, current seasonal item, most popular item, and some words from the farmer along with pictures are shown.