Title | Brightmoor Makers

Role | Branding

Year | 2016


Brightmoor Makers, an organization based in Detroit, Michigan, works towards helping kids re-focus their attention on a positive path through creative making and hands-on skills such as screen-printing, woodworking, metals, and more. The Brightmoor Makers embody both a unifying and personal experience that is unquantifiable through making with purpose.


The Challenge 

Giving a Face to the New Kids on the Block

As a new organization targeting kids in Detroit, Brightmoor Makers needed a logo and a look that could appeal to both girls and boys, while maintaining a timeless, yet modern feel. The organization needed a way to brand themselves in order to unify and properly represent the activities and growth of individuals. My challenge was to create a timeless visual identity that encompasses the diverse growth within unity and craftsmanship.