Project | Empower

Role | UI/UX Design

Year | 2016


Empower is a mobile application catered towards the Ghanaian midwife to build confidence and accuracy during Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) screenings. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide (~80% of the cases occurring within developing countries).


My challenge was to create a low-cost resource that would address the issue of Cervical Cancer cases within the country of Ghana. VIA is an efficient, yet affordable procedure that allows pre-cancerous cells of cervical cancer to become apparent. 

The Challenge


Diagnosing The Problem

The process started out by becoming informed on the subject of everything VIA related. Observing live VIA screenings, reading articles, interviewing and meeting with experts in the related fields allowed my partner and I to fully immerse ourselves in the right mindset. Countless hours of research has allowed me to enter what was once an unknown subject to comfortably enter this space to design an affective solution.

Through design thinking methods such as mind maps, affinity maps, personas, and defining your audience techniques we were able to confidently approach our solution with an empathetic mindset. 


The Solution

Contrary to popular belief, almost every single person has a phone in Ghana. The audience we are targeting, midwives commonly have smartphones. There are currently over 2.6 million smartphone users and over 35 million mobile subscribers. From 2015 to 2016, Ghana's mobile phone penetration rate rose to 127.63%. 

Utilizing the accessibility of a smartphone, a mobile application offers a platform that can train and familiarize midwives in VIA while encouraging peer-to-peer learning. Empower is here to seize the opportunity of a rapidly growing tool, if used by the right person, it can save millions of cervical cancer cases and empower woman around the globe.