Title | FUNL

Role | Co-Founder/CCO

Year | 2016


Funl is a mobile/web-based application that allows users to ask and answer questions to the population, while viewing results through demographic filters such as: race, sex, gender, religion, age, etc. While embracing unique viewpoints around the world, Funl strives to create empathy through data visualization in a polling platform.

The platform is designed to distill mass quantities of data in a digestible format that allows one to observe preferences and social shifts. It will provide an informative atmosphere where users can explore topics of interest and compare their thoughts on questions as light-hearted as, what are the best toppings on a pizza? Or as serious as what are your greatest political priorities? This project will explore the motives behind asking and answering questions, while creating an emphasis on the diverse opinions formulated by individuals around the world. 

Funl is the result of a collaborative effort amongst University of Michigan students. Coming from backgrounds in entrepreneurship, business, Information, design, and engineering. Funl strives to be a design for a better tomorrow.  


The Challenge

Funl is my senior thesis project here at Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. I wanted to work on a project that could help make a difference. Empathy has always been a quality I strived for within my design process and I decided I wanted to revolve this around my project. I challenged myself to contribute to designing a way where people can learn about others in means of empathizing, while being able to express oneself. 


The Solution

Inspired by arguments, Funl emphasizes both diverging and converging opinions to bring to surface empathetic viewpoints within demographics we are foreign to. Fueled by curiosity and relatable content, the platform attempts to make data inviting to analyze and formulate understandings on a personal and public level.


Personal Feed

Scroll through your feed to view questions your friends and people you follow have answered!


Intuitive Interactions

Swipe right on questions to reveal further options. Answer questions and rearrange at your pace.


View All Results

Explore what are the most common and uncommon answers. See what your friends answered and compare your opinion with the rest of the world!


Filter Results

Add a filter to view results within the specified demographic. The filter feature allows one to get a better idea of opinions, patterns, and shifts within a specific demographic.