Project | Hinder

Role | UI/UX Design

Year | 2015


Often times people get caught up with their digital devices, whether it be there phone or computer. Go to a bus stop, a restaurant, the park, anywhere and everywhere people have their eyes glued to a digital device. Although technology is getting close, the experience of face-to-face human interaction cannot be mimicked through a screen. Hinder is here to address this issue.

Hinder is a counterfactual mobile health app that uses a similar platform of the popular Tinder dating app. However, Hinder is slightly different in the way it indirectly encourages human interaction, scroll down to find out how! 


Design & Implementation

We wanted the app to feel clean, fresh, and intuitive. We used a friendly color pallet to capitalize on the counterfactual actions the app was making. Furthermore, we designed the app to only sync with your top 25 contacts, which is based on amount of communication you have with them (phone calls, texts, etc.) this way it becomes a real challenge when you get matched up.

Stars are distributed to each contact depending on the level of communication you have with them, the more stars the more you communicated with them, thus making them a more challenging match.