Project | NMAC

Role | Ui/UX Design

Year | 2015


During my time at Channelnet as a UI/UX intern, I was fortunate enough to lead the design on a pre-sales microsite for Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp - Infiniti. I was given an email that the client currently sent to their customers in regards of financial opportunities and up selling services they offered. Scroll down to see the transformation of an email to a proposal of a mock Infiniti customer's personal microsite! 


The Challenge

To be successful in designing this microsite I knew I needed to understand the user of the site. I needed to know what users sought out for in order to create a positive experience when interacting with the site. This would lead to creating a proper information hierarchy in this one-page microsite.  

Furthermore, creating a healthy balance of both Infiniti's and the users needs. For instance, cross-selling and up-selling products in strategic points of contact within the microsite.